Rip Off The Surface - Miho Sadogawa ART EXHIBITION 2016
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About Exhibition | Miho Sadogawa Profile | Ingress Fan Artworks Special Exhibit

true characterRecently we can many around to see illustrations used by vector. these are so many kinds of types exsample looks friendly like manga and amimations, also looks real like photographs.

She is also one of the painter by vector works. but perhaps quite rare to see about “true character” of vector artworks appearances without all establishes.

And what we will think about to see “true character”?

Event Outline

Miho Sadogawa Art Exhibition
“Rip off the Surface”
This exhibition has ended.
2016 Apr 30th(Sat) – May 29th(Sun)
*Open only Saturday, Sunday, and Public holidays

#May 14th and 15th are SPECIAL WEEK. will be changing display for all only 7 INGRESS fan artworks.
Open 12:00-19:00
Panta Rhei Craft&Arts
2F, 3-4-9, Ikegami, Ota-ku, TOKYO
Google Maps
Admission Free

Miho Sadogawa Profile

Miho SadogawaMiho Sadogawa birth at Tokyo. who graduated department oil painting course of Tama art univercity.
She worked some publicities, game graphics, and character designs. afterwords independent in 2003, same time to
worked cover of “GRIMM-illustrated fairytale”

2005 released debut book “Life of Bhudda” from Die gestalten Verlag GmbH Germany. also we could see other her works in this publication.

And now she makes constant to present solo exhibision from 2009.


Ingress Fan Artworks Special Exhibit

Ingress Fan ArtMay 14th and 15th are changing all display.
Big poster size(A1) 7 special artworks for massive battle event of online game called “Ingress” its very rare time to see her hyper details computer graphics works in printing.

This time first appearance latest works “Ingress XM Anomaly OBSIDIAN” also first appearance making version along these artworks consept in without all establishes just black 0.25 lines and white surfaces.
Its first time try these showing.

And will be ready some gift for Ingress players to try answer from easy question.

* May 14th and 15th are will be display for all only 7 Ingress fan artworks. Thank you for your cooperations.

Ingress Fan Art

*This event is Unofficial event. if you have a question please ask to our mailform directory.
*Ingress is trademarked in NIANTIC Lab.